Women of Ink - The Magazine



We are happy to review work from photographers, videographers and writers who would like to be published in our magazine. Everyone who is accepted for publishing in our magazine is automatically entered into our end-of-year Fan Voting contest for a chance to win $500 for the photographer and $500 for the featured model. Winners will be announced at the 5th Annual Women of Ink competition to be held Jan. 19, 2019, at House of Rock in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Please review our guidelines:


  1. We are happy to review any work that has NOT been previously published anywhere else. Images that may have been posted on your own personal social media/website is acceptable, but we prefer that it does not make up the entirety of your submitted work.
  2. Wondering what to submit? We strongly encourage you to review what we've posted on our social media to get a good idea of what we like. We prefer images that are sensual and artistic; we consider a combination of the following - visual appeal of the model, the emotion and/or attitude captured, the creative aspect, technical skill, etc.
  3. We prefer glamour-style, artistic images. We will  consider implied nudes, but we will not consider images that clearly show the genitals, depict explicit sex acts or that are violent in nature. With that said, we are believers in the #freethenipple movement, so we will consider images that do show the nipples n a subtle, artistic manner. 
  4. We also consider video submissions. 
  5. When submitting a set, please avoid sending images that are strongly similar to each other (i.e., the same pose with only slight variations).
  6. For initial submission, low-res images are acceptable. We will request the high-res versions upon successful acceptance for publication.
  7. Please submit a minimum of 12 images, although feel free to send as many as you'd like for a better chance of acceptance. 
  8. Please submit them via Dropbox or similar service (i.e., Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud) by sharing the folder link ONLY; please do NOT add us to the folder itself.
  9. We will reply within 10 days with notice of whether your submission was accepted.


  1. We are interested in anything that would be of interest to the general public, but especially to those in the tattoo community.
  2. Articles should be somewhere in the 500 - 750 word range.
  3. It's always a good idea to contact us first to see whether we're interested in your story idea, if you haven't already written it.

If your work is accepted, we will request the following from you:

  • Hi-res versions of your work - 300 dpi at minimum 2600 pixels on shortest side.
  • Content release form signed by photographer. Photographers retain all copyright for their images.
  • Models must be 18+ on date of photo shoot. Please be sure to have proof of age available, upon request.
  • Listing of all credits for the creative team that may have been involved (i.e., photographer, model, hair stylists, MUA, fashion stylists, etc.), including any website and/or social media links.
  • Writers receive full credit as the author.

Please provide link(s) to your Dropbox album(s) containing submitted images. Similar services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. are acceptable, too.
Please provide credits for everyone involved in producing the images (i.e., model, stylist, etc.), including links to websites and social media profiles.
(Optional) Feel free to include any additional info.